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Dr. Dennis A. Hughes, State Veterinarian. Animal Health protects producers and consumers, as well as the health of livestock in Nebraska, by enforcing rules and regulations governing eradication and control of certain livestock and poultry diseases. Auction markets and livestock dealers are licensed by Animal Health in order to regulateThe Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association is the recognized voice of veterinary medicine in Nebraska. We organize local and statewide events for professional development, networking, and nebraska state board of animal health

EFFECTIVE DATE NEBRASKA HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES JANUARY 15, 2005 REGULATION AND LICENSURE 172 NAC 180 2 AttestAttestation means that the individual declares that all statements on the applicationpetition are true and complete. Board means the Board of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.

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Animal Therapy is regulated under the Board of Veterinary Medicine ( ) Title 172, Chapter 182.

Nebraska State Board of Health. The State Board of Health is a 17member board appointed by the Governor with the consent of a majority of the members of the Legislature. Members include: two laypersons interested in the health of the people of the State of Nebraska. The Governor is an ex officio member of the board.

STATE ANIMAL HEALTH OFFICIALS 2017 ALABAMA Name: Dr. Anthony G. Frazier State Veterinarian Agency: Board of Animal Health Department: Mississippi Department of Animal Health Health Certificate Email: agr. [email protected] gov or NEVADA

Minnesota Board of Animal Health 625 Robert Street North Saint Paul, MN Ph: Fax: TTY:

MAILING ADDRESS: Bureau of Animal Industry IDALS Henry Wallace Building Des Moines, Iowa. Domestic Fowl, and Hatching Eggs coming from a state affected with avian influenza. Health Requirements For Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry and Birds at County and 4HFFA Fairs.

Nebraska Animal Health Permit System Interstate Livestock Flyer The USDA is working with United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) to provide a single web site for import requirements for each state.

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Page 1 of 16 Updated STATE ANIMAL HEALTH OFFICIALS 2011. ALABAMA. Name: Dr. Anthony G. Frazier Title: State Veterinarian. Agency: Animal Industry Division

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