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Business Staffing Board. In accordance with the provisions of section 4 (4) of the Immigration Law, (2015 Revision), the following persons have been appointed to the Business Staffing Plan Board to hold office at the pleasure of the Governor:While the premier signaled his support for immigration during the recent budget debate, he has also committed to overhauling what is now seen as a failed system and conceded several times during Finance Committee that the business staffing plan system needs replacing. business staffing plan board cayman

(CNS): Government has rejected a private members motion to allow public access to all business staffing plans to help the unemployed learn more about career opportunities, training and scholarships available in the local market.

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Temporary work permits are issued by the Chief Immigration Officer; annual work permits are issued by either Chief Immigration Officer (or Work Permit Administrators designated by him), the Work Permit Board or the Business Staffing Plan Board. The maximum period you can remain in the Cayman Islands on a work permit is nine years.

Work Permits, Business Staffing Plans& Transitional Provisions. Under the law there are now two boards, the Work Permit Board and the Business Staffing Plan Board, to deal with work permit applications. The Work Permit Board is responsible for applications from businesses employing less than 15 work permit holders or for individual employers,

Business Staffing Plan Board. Mr Ebanks can be contacted for appointments through the Secretary to the Business Staffing Plan Board, Mrs Karen Gourzong, at the Immigration Department. The mailing address is P O Box 1098 Grand Cayman, KY or by telephone. For further information contact: Prudence Barnes.

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Business Staffing Plan Board chairwoman Sherri Bodden Cowan indicated there could be harsh consequences for employers who did not comply with the training provisions.

Business Staffing Plans. A Business Staffing Plan is a detailed plan of the staffing needs of a business. This plan provides the Department of Immigration and the Business Staffing Plan Board with valuable information relating to the staffing needs of your business over the next three to five years. for frequently asked questions relating to Business Staffing Plans.

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The members include a new chairwoman for the Work Permit Board, attorney Sheena FrederickWesterborg, and a new chairman and deputy chairman for the Business Staffing Plan board.

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