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STARBOARD i sonic 2019. The 2019 iSonic 63 replaces the 2018 iSonic 90. Boosted volume promotes early planing and increased jibe exit speed. The 63 has a lot of acceleration which is very important in slalom, where getting to max speed as quickly as possible is key to winning. The compact shape increases the control of the board.THE 2019 STARBOARD RANGE iSONIC. RACING. Explore. The cutting edge in windsurf board technology. The lightest, fastest windsurf boards. Available sizes Luderitz Special 55 58 60 63 67 72 77 83 85 91 (cm) ULTRASONIC. LIGHTWIND RACING. starboard isonic 2019 wood

Isonic 2019? ? and other windsurfing discussion in the Seabreeze gear reviews forums, page 1 Bring back 'Wood' construction Starboard. I am still sailing three, near 10 year old, wood Isonics, and they are still perfectly sound. looks like the 2019 Isonic to me: )

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Board Category: Freerace Slalom, windfoil crossover. Starboard iSONIC User friendly hiperformance windsurfing race boards Many revised shapes for 2019 that feature more compact shapes, refined rockers, boxier rails for faster performance.

Starboard iSonic 2019. Disponibile nella versione 2018 (117, 134, 137 Carbon& 107, 137 Carbon reflex) Starboard iSonic 2018. RRD XFire V10 LTD Wood e Lightwind Dettagli prodotto. Richiedi Preventivo. Fanatic Freewave STB 2018 TE e TeXtreme 1. 999, 00 1. 399

The 2019 Isonic slalom boards from Starboard are the ultimate in slalom windsurfing performance. If you want the lightest, fastest windsurfing board you can get your hands on, you want an Isonic! Proven race winners, the Isonic is perfect for blasting a

2019 Starboard Isonic 2, 499. 00 2, 999. 00. COMPETITION RACE SLALOM. The 2019 iSonic 91 replaces the 2018 iSonic 147. Unchanged shape compared to the 147. The iSonic 91 is designed to meet the IFCAs updated 91 cm width limit for slalom racing. Its a hyperefficient light wind machine.

STARBOARD iSONIC 2019. The cutting edge in windsurf board technology. The lightest, fastest windsurf boards Starboard's flagship board range. Winner of the

The Starboard iSonic is the top machine for slalom sailing since many years. Our board is not only the best in racing but the most user friendly hiperformance windsurfing board on the market. I can push my limits on the racing course without putting so much effort into it. You're viewing: 2019 STARBOARD iSONIC CA 3199. 00 CA 3899. 00.

Aug 16, 2018  THE CUTTING EDGE IN WINDSURF BOARD TECHNOLOGY. THE LIGHTEST, FASTEST WINDSURF BOARDS Starboards flagship board range. Winner of the PWA Slalom discipline 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The

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DISCOVER OUR 2019 WAVE AND FREESTYLE RANGE, COVERING SESSIONS FROM FLATWATER TO BIG WAVE RIDING. Explore. CARVEiQ. iSONIC. THE CUTTING EDGE IN WINDSURF BOARD TECHNOLOGY. Starboard was founded 1994 in New Caledonia. Our vision is to bring innovation and inspiration to the world of wind, water and waves.

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